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Workshop Evaluation
Educational Officials Training On Competency-Based Curriculum & NEMIS
5th – 10th MAY 2019

Workshop Evaluation

A. Please take a few moments to rate (✓) the level of satisfaction with CBC/NEMIS Training outcomes   (1 – 20)
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1) Overview of Basic Education Curriculum Framework (BECF)

2) Special Needs Education

3) Curriculum Designs:

- Strands, Learning Outcomes

4) Learning Outcomes - Core Competencies and Values

5) Learning Outcomes - Learning Experiences, PCIs, CSL & Non-Formal Experiences

6) Key Inquiry Questions

7) ICT Integration and Integrated Lesson Plans

8) Professional Documents: Scheme of Work, IEPS, Lesson Plans, Records of Work, Progress Record

9) Competency-Based Assessment framework & Assessment Tools

10) Authentic Assessment, Assessment Standards & Authentic Tasks

11) Assessment Rubrics

12) Portfolio Assessment

13) Reporting of Assessment Feedback (School Year Report)

14) QA Tools for CBC

15) QAS in CBC

16) Field Visit

17) Overview of NEMIS

18) NEMIS Modules

19) Navigating NEMIS

20) HRM Change Management

B. Please complete the questions below as they relate to your overall experience in CBC Training
B.1 What aspects of the information/competencies and activities did you find useful for use in your work from this CBC Training and why?
B.2 What could have been done better?
B.3 Do you have any unanswered questions or areas you want to learn more concerning the information and activities presented in this CBC training?
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